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The Problem . . .

What is Drink Spiking?

Why Do You Say "Once In, You're OuT?"

Is it Only Men Who Drink Spike Women?

Why Aren't These Cases Prosecuted?

What Are the Main Drugs Used In Drink Spiking?

How Do I Know If I Have Been Drink Spiked?

What Are Flash-backs?

What Is PTSD?

What Is Drink Spiking?

Not unlike the "Mickeys" of the 40's, these new "designer drugs" are being used in many parts of the world to render unsuspecting persons into a state of 'blackout' -- much like when undergoing surgery.  The doctor will say, "Count backwards from 100" and you remember saying, "100, 99, 98."

Some of the drugs used are: Rohypnol, GHB, Ecstasy, Burunganda. The act of slipping a drop of or a pill into an unsuspecting victim's drink is known as "drink spiking".

These drugs, known as "Roofies" or "ruffies." They are also known as "easy lay", "roche", "R-2", "rib" and "rope". Although the reporting of these incidents are decreasing, the rise and misreporting of these incidents seems to be on the rise.

Drinks of any type can be spiked. It could be water, coffee, sodas. It could also be an alcoholic beverage. Drink spiking can occur in the private home of a friend or it can occur at a bar.

It could take as few as 3 or as many as 30 minutes to go into "blackout." Blackout has been known to last up to 12 hours followed by amnesia.

Reports indicate that these unsuspecting drink-spiked Innocent persons are treated as criminals. Some have been jailed. Some have been treated as crazy put under a 72 hour psychiatric watch in a hospital or jail. Some, in seizure, are 'pinched' by paramedics who have been trained to pinch the patient at acupuncture points to cause them to stop "shaking" as if in seizure.

It has been reported that those who use GHB, for example, do not attempt to get help for an individual who has lapsed into comatose or is vomiting due to their belief that this is what happens when one ingests these drugs -- and the effect will wear off. However, as in the case of Samatha Reid or the Tyisha Miller case, we find quite the contrary.

"Once In, You're OuT?"

We use this slogan because it is the most accurate term to use when dealing with drink-spiking.  This is due to the fact that in order for a professional to help the Innocent, the drug used to cause the problem must be known.  Many of the drugs used are not made by pharmaceutical sources and therefore could be a combination of unknown ingredients, in unknown quantities.

The symptoms, i.e. being unable to stand, seizure, comatose, vomiting can all be related to many drugs and therefore difficult to ascertain.

Not all drink-spikings are the same.  Not only do the drugs differ (or are combined) but at times are mixed with another element -- alcohol.  This makes diagnosis extremely difficult.

Once a drug has entered the body, and the Innocent is unconscious, the body is in the hands of someone unknown whether friend(s), relative(s), medical professional(s), police officer(s) or criminal(s). Control over what becomes of your body is lost -- It is vital to remember that drink-spiking was the tool of Jeffrey Dahmer.

      This is a very serious problem.  It is impossible to call for help when in black out.  It is vital to know that once a drug is ingested, you are out of control.  There is no 911 call, there is no karate kick to save your life.  It is therefore vital that you take this warning and take every precaution to Watch Your Drink.

Is it Only Men Who
Drink Spike Women?

As with the story from an Innocent, women have also been known to do drink spiking. One young woman who was a "gang member" told an Innocent that if she had not spiked his drink, she would have faced dire consequences.

In another unreported incident, this author was informed that waitresses request certain men to have their drinks spiked, would pay the bartender to slip the drug into it, and then rob the Innocent.

*These incidents are not substantiated.  However, it is difficult to substantiate such information due to its secrecy.  It is included here for your interpretation.

Why Cases Are Not Prosecuted.

Most cases are not prosecuted due to the lack of witnesses and evidence. The criminal has hours to clean up any evidence left behind. Many of the drugs used do not appear on tests because tests are specific for pharmaceuticals. When drugs are home made, any test will give a negative result.

Because symptoms are the similar whether an individual has willingly taken the drug or drink-spiked, it is very difficult for professionals (police, paramedics or physicians) to differentiate a Drink -Spike assault to a self-induced drug ingestion.  This is proves disastrous for the drink-spiked Innocent.

Common Drugs Used In Drink Spiking.

Other Drugs

How Do I Know If
I Have Been Drink Spiked?

There is no real test to show whether you have been drink-spiked.Some Innocents believe that they merely had too much to drink. It is wise to stay with friends who can protect you.  One sign that you have been drink-spiked is flashbacks or dreams.  Some Innocents will have a short photo-like image that something was wrong.

These flashbacks are images that will come to you and you will react to them with fear without knowing why. The images could come while watching tv or a movie, driving, seeing an object, talking with a friend or in a dream.  You may notice cuts or bruises on your body that you have no answer for. Or you may find your car in a location where you don't remember driving. Some Innocents have found out they were assaulted due to video tape evidence.
What Are Flash-backs?

Flash backs are images that will come to you and you will react to them with fear.  The images could come while watching tv or a movie, driving, seeing an object, talking with a friend or in a dream.

What Is PTSD?

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This condition can occur when encountering experiences that are traumatic. This condition is best described at the National Center For Victims Of Crimes.

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