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Great Tips to Find the Best Everyday Jewelry for You

Most people find it hard to pick which everyday jewelry should they buy for themselves. Most of the time, they choose to wait for years until they get a jewelry piece for a certain anniversary or birthday. This situation commonly happens since some people cannot exactly decide on what they like. And since a lot of available options to choose from and multiple trends that change from time to time, it is normal to feel dazed and overwhelmed. Now, if you want to get something you like, either personal or timeless, check out the tips below that you need to remember and find the perfect everyday jewelry for you.  

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 Consider your style 

The first thing you should do is to know your style. Try to check your wardrobe and figure out if you can find any rules or repetitive styles that you wear. Perhaps you have a style that you would want all the people to see or a style that can be represented by seeing your clothing. After you determine your style, it’ll be a lot simpler for you to select jewelry that will be appropriate for everyday wear and match every outfit you go for.  

Look well-dressed 

When you want a preppy style, having something monogrammed or heart-piece jewelry would be ideal for your everyday look. As long as you appear well-styled and chic, then you will most likely be satisfied with the jewelry of your choice.  

Choose natural and minimalist 

Nowadays, it’s known that less is more. Because of that, natural design, biophilia, and minimalism have been gaining more popularity. Hence, if you decide to combine these up, you can come up with the ideal everyday jewelry piece. When you cannot see anything interesting in your jewelry collection, try to find crystal rings or other cute jewelry from Such jewelry is attractive and subtle, raw and sophisticated, which you can wear individually or worn stacked. Remember that diversity is key for your everyday jewelry pieces.  

Be sentimental  

Opting for something that means a lot to you and taking a sentimental route is one of the best ways to have the perfect everyday accessory for you. Regardless of what it could be, a pretty bracelet or an heirloom ring, you won’t be bored with such pieces since they are special for you. Although, keep in mind that some of them could be quite challenging to complement with other jewelry or the clothing you wear.   

If that’s the case, try to choose a sentimental piece that can be layered easily. For example, you can choose to accompany a shorter bar necklace with a locket on a long chain. Doing so will help balance out and spice up your look.  

Be comfortable 

If you want to wear an accessory for everyday use, make sure that it is comfortable to wear. Don’t use too flashy, too tight, or too heavy accessories or jewelry. Or else, you’ll end up taking it off most of the time.  

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What You Should Clean Every Day, Once A Week or Monthly

A home is a sacred place where you proceed and take rest after a very long day from work or from any other things you had to do during the day. It is an area where you could relax and be free of any pressure or pretense because you are in your own home and this is your space and no one is there to judge you or tell you what to do because in this space you call home, you are the one who is in control. This is the best thing of having one because you get to decide for yourself no matter what you like to do about it. If you are just renting a home, you still would need the approval of the real owners if you want to change something in the house such as the paint but if you own the home, there will be no need for you to ask for the approval of anyone except your partner.  


Do not get us wrong, living in a home that you could call your own is not always a bed of roses. There is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders the moment you get your own home. Of course, you would need to pay for the bills that you generate on that household, you need to purchase essential stuff that you need in your everyday life such as groceries, meat, veggies, fruits, hygiene kits, cleaning products and so many more and you need to clean the home. You have to clean your home because it is necessary to keep everyone in your home feel clean and safe especially in this time of pandemic. Although Stafford cleaners can be hired to clean your home, you as the home owner should know your responsibilities.  

The most basic thing you should know is when is the right time to clean various things in your home to avoid over cleaning or being lenient about cleaning specific things. In this article, we are going to tell you what you should clean every day, once a week or monthly.  

What you need to clean everyday: 

  • Sanitize Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks 
  • You definitely need to make your bed every single day because you are using it every single time you sleep or rest. 
  • In every single day, you are using dishes whether you are eating or cooking, thus, you need to wash these dishes up as soon as you can or the best thing to do is wash it after every meal you have.  
  • Clean up the coffeemaker if you are using one 

What you need to clean once in a week: 

  • Clean the inside area of your microwave  
  • Clean up the mirrors that you have at home 
  • Change up the covers and beddings of your bed 
  • Vacuum up the floors of your home 

What you need to need to clean every single month 

  • You should clean the light fixtures that you have at home 
  • Clean up your dishwasher and washing machine 

If you follow this, you will be able to keep everything for a long period of time as long as you clean them properly.  

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