California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150

Editorial comment by Jeremy Smithe

Research of the Welfare and Institutions Code 5150 reveals that anyone -- ANYONE who is deemed 'crazy' by a police officer or a medical professional can be held AGAINST THEIR WILL for 72 hours in a psyche ward or a jail cell while being evaluated for mental illness. 72 hours is the same amount of time that a CRIME SUSPECT is held while waiting for charges to be brought against him. By using the above criteria,  the Innocent victim can be placed under "arrest."  It must be realized that Innocent victims of roofies drink-spike attacks have no voice.

First, there is no voice due to the drink-spiking -- the criminal aspect.  Second, there is no voice due to miscalculations by the professionals (police, fire, paramedics and medical help).  Once placed under a WIC5150, the "charge" cannot be removed easily because normally no criminal charges have been brought against the individual.  If charges were brought there is a form used to seal or remove the Application for a WIC5150.  Because of this loophole, the innocent victim is voiceless when further attempts for help are attempted.

It is the opinion of this writer and Soacor, that another Welfare and Institutions Code must to be installed in order to facilitate these crimes and allow the victim to remain innocent. 

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