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soacor ball  Record quantities of hard drugs are being smuggled into Britain as dealers attempt to cater for the party season when at least four million people are expected to take an illegal substance.  Although Christmas and New Year traditionally generate a rise in smuggling, the scale of the increase during the past three months has alarmed Customs officials. 12/30/01 Tony Thompson, The Observer.

soacor ball   An advocate of psychedelic drugs is doing something that Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary thought unthinkable: cooperating with government bureaucrats. 12/10/01 by Kristen Philipkoski

soacor ball   Halford condemns "legal drugs" plan by BBC News dated 12/16/01. A Welsh Assembly member who was once Britain's highest-ranking female police officer has condemned the suggestion that a Royal Commission should consider legalising all drugs.

soacor ball   Drug raid July 26, 2000. As stated in this article, Ecstasy is one of the drugs common to RAVES. Click on SOACOR ball to see article.

soacor ball   This article relates to the heavy use of the drug called Ecstasy or methylenedioxy- methamphetamine (MDMA) which is an amphetemine derivative. This drug has been known to be neurotoxic to animals. The drug has surfaced in 'rave' parties. However, adults appear to be having similar brain damage as are shown in animals. Click on SOACOR ball to see article.

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