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There are Good Guys
See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Jason: Just remember that you are not to blame, that there are good guys and we stand with you.

My personal thanks to Jason for BEING there - for not criticizing me EVER, for giving support where support was desperately needed, for listening to me cry and scream in rage and not telling me to stop, for not using the situation to take advantage -- for being that support I most desperately needed in that most trying time of recovery.


See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Gerry: I've been reading the various articles that ... have [been] put together [regarding roofies] [o]n different sites. I've been moved, overwhelmed, and rendered somewhat speechless by the darkness of the nightmare endured-----my heart goes out -- I'm not quite sure to whom, ... but to whomever I convey my best thoughts and prayers. With compassion ...

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Jerry: I cannot understand evil and destructiveness -- it just doesn't compute with me. Perhaps I have inhabited a more sheltered world than I thought -- for I haven't been exposed to the real world of the macabre. To be sure, if I experienced ... the remainder of my life's work might then be driven by hatred and obsession. . . .I didn't realize that the 'drug' is as pervasive as it seems to be. And true, I thought only it as a mechanism for a guy to rape a lady. I didn't realize that it is being used to kill or maim. Isn't this an illegal drug?

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Tom: What I would say to someone who's dealing with the aftermath? I would say ...

You're a survivor, man or woman, it doesn't matter. Your age doesn't matter. What matters is that you've survived an act of violence and personal abuse, and the way you deal with that will be unique to you. Please know that there are many people who care. You've met some of them already ... your own personal guardian angels. There are others you haven't met...who keep a flame alive in their hearts for you. It's the same flame that lives inside you. It may have been dimmed a bit by what's happened to you, but it's there. Or it may be burning even more brightly.

It's love, without condition...without regard for anything except that you're a fellow human who's in some pain or needs a hug or a comforting word...who just needs someone to listen and be there for you. It's the ancient recognition of that common bond between all of us...that golden thread of spirit that binds us to each other.

Take comfort where you find it. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need. Explore your feelings - grief, anger, despair...whatever they are, they are yours. Trust in your own process as you heal...whatever that is for you. And begin to let your light shine again. As Marianne Williamson said so well, "it's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. We are children of God. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Tell your story...have no doubt that the power to heal...everything you will ever need...is right there inside you ...all you need to do is remember. Let go lightly into life, and allow yourself to become...to fully realize...the creator that you truly are.Tom can be reached at than@sound.net.

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Rees: Keep your mind free of the poison affect of [this] life experience, there are things to learn that belong to the domain of wisdom, which will most often bring forward a feeling of humility rather than righteous activism. Protect your sense of self for properly placed that will empower you ...

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Bob: The only thing I would say is -- Despite a country and world that SEEMS to have run amok, there is still a very high percentage of men (and women) who are decent, hard-working normal citizens. the world's history since the beginning of recorded time is punctuated with abnormal incidents of barbaric behavior or man's inhumanity to man; and the reason that these things continue to be "news" is because that are NOT the norm, but rather the exception.

Take heart in the fact, that despite stressful challenges facing each of us every day, the vast majority goes through each day without hurting anyone, committing any crimes, and doing the things a civilized society demands that they do. If we continue to strive to make our world a better place to live, and continue to witness the individual efforts of men and women who are hopeful of a calmer, rational atmosphere of thought and action, we will continue to have a majority of normalcy amongst our citizenry.

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Frank: ...Place YOUR life as the goal to which all lesser goals are the means and the standard to which all lessor goals are evaluated. Your life is your ultimate value. Please do not forsake it. That which furthers your life is good, that which threatens it is evil. Be good and work toward your betterment.

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Richard: What happened to you should not ever happen to anyone.

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Scott: Education and awareness are probably the most powerful way of fighting such a corrosive assault on society. To this affect, the exposure ...was good...I'm always amazed that people can at times be so sick and perverted ...the more awareness, the less chance there is of what happened ... repeating itself...

See Downloads Free From SoacorFrom Dick: ...I know in the criminal mind he thinks he was doing something that is acceptable (To take advantage of someone), and not really a crime, like holding up a liquor store. Their thought processes are so warped.

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