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Tyisha Miller Tyisha Miller - A young girl believed to be under the influence of GHB is shot to death by police officers.  Toxicology findings give reason to believe that Ms. Miller was Drink Spiked and needed help. The help she got was 12 bullets from police who surrounded her unconscious body inside her locked car.

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Hillory J Farais and Samatha Reid  . . . Act of 1999

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The only thing Hillory is known to have drunk that night was a couple of soda pops. Her death is reported in the September 30, 1996. Volume 148, No. 16 of TIME Magazine CHRISTINE GORMAN, Reported by Deborah Fowler/ Houston.  Hearing transcript of the GH bill named after Hillory Farais.

Celeb  Kenneth Caleb Shortridge

On April 30, 1998, he drank what he thought was a bottle of water and died. He was found unconscious at 7:30pm, but friends who knew about GHB thought he could "sleep it off" and did not call 911 until 10:30pm -- the rescue attempts failed.

Be Aware! This is NOT something to take lightly. It is NOT detectable with taste. It does NOT have to be put into alcoholic beverages. It can be put into ANY type of drink. Anywhere, anytime! Even in someone else's refrigerator -- looking like water!

When drinking in public, don't forget your soacor drink cover FREE soacor Drink covers. Downloadable or autoresponse (see main page). It just may save you -- your drink is that much more difficult to spike. Stay with buddies, CALL 911.

Gee, this tastes funny.Samantha Reid

The only thing Samantha Reid is known to have drunk that night was a couple of soda pops -- Mountain Dew. Her death is due to drink-spiking with GHB. She was only 15. She was out with her girlfriend having fun. (See Innocent Women Women Survivors - No. 1.) The boys were convicted - they are serving time. Samatha is gone.

See Samantha's lawSamatha's Law. "Senate Passes Abraham’s "Date Rape" Drug Legislation to Crack Down on Sexual Predators.H. R. 2130 The Hillory J Farais Date Rape Drug Prevention Act of 1999 and S. 1561 The Samantha Reid Date Rape Prohibition Act of 1999 has been signed into law this day February 18, 2000 by the President of the United States, and may be cited as: The Hillory J Farais and Samantha Reid Date Rape Drug Prohibition Act of 2000."   Update:  LANSING -- The state Court of Appeals on Friday threw out the involuntary manslaughter convictions of three men in the death of a 15-year-old girl who had ingested the date-rape drug GHB.

Courtney CantorCourtney Cantor Fell from her sixth floor window after ingesting GHB.

We support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Foundation

Candace PruettCandace Pruett. Candace recalled feeling suddenly strange after having a soft drink with some new friends. Then she passed out and was raped, later to be found unconscious by police, who had been alerted by her frantic parents. Pruett, who was 15 at the time, was a victim of the date rape drug Rohypnol.

Gareth Holland The friend of a Buckingham Palace guardsman was yesterday jailed for his part in supplying drugswhich killed him. Gareth Holland, 20, collapsed and died last year within five hours of taking ecstasy tablets at a nightclub while on weekend leave.

Anonymous 15-year old girl. Two young girls went to an apartment complex to visit a friend. "The girls were drinking soda, and then they don't remember anything until about 5:00 am that morning," says officer Chinn. Name Withheld. The 15-year old girl died after drinking alcohol that is believed by police to have been laced with GHB.

A promising, bright young man is dead when he ingested lethal amounts of GHB and high level of alcohol.

22 year old man found dead at the base of an electrical utility tower. He was seen alive the previous evening when he ingested an unknown quantity of MDMA.

A 25 year old man was having pleuritic chest pain on inspiration. He visited a physician. Later, his truck jumped a curb and struck a telephone pole. Autopsy reported MDEA in his blood.

A 32 year old man was found dead beside his car with an inhaler in his hand. He had been drinking alcohol with friends. Autopsy reported MDEA in his blood.

A 21 year old man was found unconscious after ingesting three Ecstasy capsules and having several drinks. Resuscitation were unsuccesful. Autopsy reported 4.6mu mo1/L of MDEA in his blood.

Ngaire O'Neill. The death of an Auckland woman after a night clubbing is thought to be New Zealand's first recorded Ecstasy-related fatality. Friends and family of 27-year-old Ngaire O'Neill have been left stunned by her collapse outside The Kase nightclub, in Karangahape Rd early on Sunday. The so-called love drug Ecstasy - a type of amphetamine also known as MDRA - is a favourite on the dance party scene and has been linked to deaths overseas. Several recent big busts of imported tabs have police worried about its growing popularity in New Zealand.

Mr. Ho. A 20-year-old student who collapsed at an all-night rave last October. Mr. Ho attended a rave at a Toronto underground parking garage and died in hospital the next day after ingesting an unknown quantity of Ecstasy tabs.

Jaimie Britten. A young 23 yar old man who was to be married to his then pregnant fiance on November 13 never made it home from the rave party after ingesting two hits of ecstasy on the way to Halifax, then two more at the party,he party was in high gear: it was three in the morning and 3,000 people were on the dance floor. The crowd is ecstatic, but something was wrong with Jaimie. "He started having convulsions and asking for help and trying to get people to help him. And no one really knew what he was doing. They just kind of brushed it off and said give him some water and he'll be fine," Helen Noonan says. Jaimie fell to his knees, pleading for help. He passed out. His friends pushed him out of the way so the other dancers wouldn't trample him.

The US government advises travelers not to visit Colombia as tourists are drugged in bars and robbed and murdered.

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