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Being Drink-spiked is
in not gender specific.

These are stories that were sent into Soacor prior to this website being established.  To protect the Innocents, all real names are omitted.  This is to inform you that it isn't only women who are drink-spiked and assaulted.

by:  Jeremy Smithe

Roofies is clear.  Could look like water. Nathan.  

Nathan felt he was treated as if he were a dead man. At least that is the way John looked at him. It was later that he heard from the bartender that John had spiked his beer with enough 'ruffies' to kill him.  The bartender also told Nathan that John had bragged about "doing him in."

The reason as Nathan was told, is that he had been seen talking to a detective about the ruffies-gang rape of a woman who frequented that local bar. He heard John brag about being able to 'get any woman he wanted.'   At that time Nathan had no idea that John was bragging about drink-spiking any woman he wanted.  He was simply chatting with a friendly guy at the bar.  John was bragging about drugging women,  taking them to a location and having he and his buddies gang rape them.

In Nathan's opinion and from what the bartender told him about these 'gangs' (without the color markings), anyone who talks about a woman 'going down' is silenced as well -- because THERE MUST BE no witnesses

Roofies is clear.  Could look like water. Wayne.  

Wayne says that he is overwhelmed by a feeling of hopelessness knowing that the people who did what they did to him will never face accountability for it because of the statute of limitations law, their premeditated destruction of evidence and their knowledge of the psychological injuries that they have inflicted.  Wayne knows there are certain responses that go along with different types of attack: sexual as in rape or posing a person for porno pictures to use to destroy their careers or personal life.  A physical attack: being beaten as pay back or a warning or to inflict permanent injuries such as damaging the brain in certain areas that control sight or memory or to damage internal organs so that there is long term suffering leading to death.

Wayne reports that it is common knowledge that there are publications that describe the rape response for medical study for doctors and counselors to help provide treatment for victims that the perpetrators use to their advantage in planning an attack on an individual or a group of individuals. There are also books on torture that various military regimes have created to extract information from individuals or to terrorize entire populations to submit to their totalitarian control, such as the use of individual prisoners of war as examples to terrorize the other prisoners into compliance and cooperation but there is nothing yet written about the mental and physical destruction committed with the use of these drugs.

Wayne says, "What I am going through is a known response to those who attacked me and it is why they did attack me -- because they know the number of years it takes for a victim to recover is longer than the statute of limitations for their crimes. They know what the legal limitations are for the police and prosecuting attorneys and they also know how medical professionals increase the suffering by their unethical treatment of their patients. ... because they can't comprehend that telling you "to snap out of it" is not helpful at all but is even more hurtful because what was done to us is not just a disappointment like not getting a loan for a new car or the new job or promotion that we wanted but a physically and emotionally devastating attack."

SOACOR supports the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Foundation.

With Rohypnol, there is no taste. Mario.

It was late in the evening, he was a detective.  Mario was at the local pub.  He was waiting  for a witness.  He needed some answers to a recent crime.  Mario ordered a scotch and water on the rocks. The bartender handed it to him, "$4.50" he said.  Mario reached into his pocket and pulled out a ten.  He took a sip of the newly poured drink.  Mario told us that the last thing he remembered was setting the glass down on the counter. He had been drink spiked.  He'd gone into blackout just that fast.  Mario was found the next day badly beaten and close to death in an alley way by his co-detectives.

GHB bubbles.  GHB tastes salty. Jayson.

Jayson went into his hangout, which was a bar two blocks from his apartment.  He consumed three beers. He was on his fourth. He had to use the bathroom. Jason left his beer on the counter. He went down the long hall to the Men's room.  When he returned,  he drank down the rest of the beer in one gulp.  Immediately Jayson felt drunk. Jayson weighed in at 350 pounds.  This wasn't making any sense to him.  He left for a second bar. The bartender there refused him a drink saying he was already drunk. He staggered to his car and fell inside.  He was able to lock the doors before he passed out.

Jayson did not regain consciousness for 14 hours. He said he had one vignette -- he saw people around his car discussing whether he was alive or dead. Jayson could not respond. Later he was able to stagger home.  He was unconscious for another 6 hours. 

GHB bubbles.  GHB tastes salty. Wayne

Wayne was at his usual bar.  He had a couple of beers. He had to use the Men's Room. Wayne asked the guy next to him to watch his drink. When he came back he asked if anyone had been around his drink. The answer was, "Only your girlfriend." Wayne drank the beer he'd left on the counter a few minutes before. Within a matter of minutes, he was wobbly.  The bartendercalled a cab and his girlfriend got him home safely.

The next day, he found out that the girl who had been near his beer wasn't his girlfriend but someone who dealt in drugs. When asked why she'd done it, her reply was that the crowd she hung with told her to do it. If she hadn't done it, she would have been "in trouble."

With Rohypnol, there is no taste. Jimmy.

Jimmy is an accountant by trade.  He had an appointment to do an audit at George's apartment.  Although he thought it strange to do an audit at someone's apartment, he went anyway.  He remembers sitting at the desk in the office that was set up in the client's apartment.  It was hot that day. He asked George for a drink of water. George brought him a glass of ice water. He drank half the glass and went into blackout. Jimmy woke 12 hours later nude in his own bed and in his own apartment. What happened? He has no idea. He has no memory.  He doesn't want to know.


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