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Roofie, ruffie, ropes, easy-lay are all terms used to describe the pharmaceutical Rohypnol. Rohypnol is a modern day sedative that when diluted is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and can put an individual out for 12 - 14 hours or even cause death.   

GHB, and Burundanga are related in the sense that they also are undetectable but can render a person into a trance-like state and leave the individual without memory. Due to the drug-induced amnesia of these drugs, they are used in conjunction with sexual assault.

"Roofie" in this discussion and at the SOACOR.com site relates to any drug that will produce the effect of "black-out" such as the drugs used by Jeffrey Dahmer to incapacitate his victims. Does that get your attention? It is vital that it does because "Once in, you are OUT!" It is the most astonishing experience one can have.  To be talking one minute and to be in black-out the next. It is something like when just prior to an operation, you are counting backward from 100 and you get to 97. Then you wake up. Someone else was in control of your body. The difference is that during an operation, you signed the release form. When you have been drink spiked, you have no knowledge as to what has happened to your body.  Or, for that matter, if anything has happened.

One can read such things as "protect yourself," "use the buddy system," "watch your drink," "watch who pours your drink," "don't leave the drink unattended" and the like. But without knowing your surroundings. Without knowing who has access to these drugs, nothing is safe. It cannot be stressed enough that this is not like some minor infraction -- with roofies, there is no back-up! Once that drug or drugs (today many times drugs are being mixed) are in your system, you are in blackout.  If those around you can access roofies, they can be a drink-spike assailant.

Introducing a Good Guy who has an excellent site for the Vietnam veteran dogs.  

Click on photo to link up.

Knowledge helps. Although some say that "knowing about it won't save you" -- having the knowledge of what to look for may just do that. The youth today must become aware that these drugs are DEADLY, or at the minimum, dangerous.

One Innocent had actually started her stopwatch after taking just half of a very small pain pill that was handed to her.   She never saw three minutes. It can be just that fast.

Size doesn’t count. As numerous reports confirm, only a small amount of the drug could put you into black-out. If drink spiking has happened to you, there is no other way to go but out. That puts you, your purse, your car, your apartment and every one you know (in your address book) at the mercy of your assailant. It also puts you at the mercy of police, ambulance paramedics and doctors who are called, if called. You are at the mercy of the chemicals ingested as well as the anti-opiates that will be administered as a counter attack to the drug or drugs you have just consumed.

Seven to twelve hours is plenty of time for the assailant to drive to your residence, take and do what he wants to you and your belongings. It allows him access to your address book (your relatives names, the location of your work) so that he can come back and watch that you don’t talk to authorities.  It could allow him access to you for more drink spiking and possibly another assault.  This is a serious problem. It is not one to be taken lightly. Read what our Innocent has to say (No. 5).

Remember, size doesn’t count. "It was such a small pill, so innocent looking, and I only took half of it." She'd said as she lay dying on the living room floor. It is true that this small, and very innocent looking pill could put a person into black-out for 12 hours or even cause death.

Doreen Van Lee of News Stringer wrote an article entitled "Rohypnol, 'the date rape drug' pushed to public forefront." In this article she mentions GHB which is the "home brew" of the rohypnol tablet. She states that GHB is also colorless, odorless and tasteless. GHB can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, seizures, severe respiratory difficulties, unconsciousness and coma.

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