Join the One in One/
Days of Silence

Welcome to SOACOR's Days of Silence!  This year we are looking for One Million Minutes of silence!  Here is how it works. 

First, pledge the amount of time (in minutes) you will be silent each day for 15 days.  Remember, just one hour per day equals 900 minutes!  Download and print flyer, drink covers (on hardboard), the Chart, article entitled "Size Doesn’t Count" and this letter (on regular yellow paper).  Hand out the printed items to at least five of your friends or relatives. 

 1.  Make sure you have a new white candle or candles that can burn for the duration of your pledged minutes.

 2. A little before 7pm on December 29th, prepare your candle by (a) placing a china saucer on flat surface, (b) add two freshly picked green leaves crossing over one another to form an 'X",  (c) place the white candle on top of the leaves where they cross, (d) pour a small amount of water into dish and (e) place two or more freshly picked flower buds around the candle.  

 3. Light the candle at 7:00 pm - your local time on December 29 only.  The first One minute of silence will be observed around the world from 7:00 p.m. to 7:01 p.m. local time.  Keep the candle lit for the duration of your pledged Minutes of Silence. 

 4.  After the first day, at your chosen time, light the candle for your personal daily pledged Days Of Silence. 

5.  Print the Days of Silence cards on hardboard (you will need an ink jet printer), cut.  Hand out at least five cards.  These cards which have been designed to explain your silence.  

 5. Record your minutes spent in silence on the enclosed Days of Silence Chart.

 6. Prior to February 1, email your completed Chart as an attachment or mail it to SOACOR Foundation, Department SDOS, P.O. Box 2484, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.

 7. Be sure to enclose your email address in order to receive your SOACOR Certificate of Completion. 

 Thank you in advance for joining the One of SOACOR One/s for this very important message.  Remember to watch your drink, and use the SOACOR drink covers whenever possible.  Feel free to contact me at:

       Jeremy Smithe
       Webmaster to SOACOR Foundation 

Soacor’s Days Of Silence Chart
when complete, email to
Date Start End .. Total
Dec. 29 7:00 p.m. . . .
Dec. 30 . . . .
Dec. 31 . . . .
Jan. 1 . . . .
Jan. 2 . . . .
Jan. 3 . . . .
Jan. 4 . . . .
Jan. 5 . . . .
Jan. 6 . . . .
Jan. 7 . . . .
Jan. 8 . . . .
Jan. 9 . . . .
Jan. 10 . . . .
Jan. 11 . . . .
Jan. 12 . . . .
Jan. 13 . . . .


Size Does Not CountA pill, the size of the
white part of Soacor ball (above)
can put an individual out for
12- 14 hrs or even cause death.


By Jeremy for Soacor

On December 29th at 7 pm, one minute of silence will be the start Soacor Days Of Silence. 

This year we are looking for One Million Minutes contributed by people worldwide. (We are not asking for money, just time.) Be a part of the "One" in the Silent "Ones" of  SOACOR.   Join SOACOR in the Soacor Days Of Silence.  That’s One Minute Of Silence to start the 15 days of silence as Soacor and others have done since 1997.

In 1996, a survivor of a heinous drink-spike attack, under the acronym SOAR-R (Silent One Against Roofies/Rape) handed out cards explaining her silence, along with a brochure from the local Rape Crises Center on Rohypnol. To her amazement, there was little knowledge about the drug, nor for that matter, the crimes committed after having a drink spiked with it.  Later the acronym was changed to SOACOR (Silent One/s Against Crimes Of Roofies).  Today SOACOR represents a number of people who are helping spreading the word about these dangerous crimes committed under the umbrella protection of the roofies amnesia. 

Roofie, ruffie, ropes, easy-lay are all terms used to describe the pharmaceutical Rohypnol.  Rohypnol is a modern day sedative that when diluted is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and can put an individual out for 12 - 14 hours or even cause death.  GHB, and Burundanga are related in the sense that they also are undetectable and can render a person into a trance-like state and leave the individual without memory for a lesser amount of time.  GHB is known to bring on convulsions, vomiting and even death.  Due to amnesia, they are being used in conjunction with sexual and non-sexual abuse crimes.  "Roofie" in this discussion and at the website relates to any drug that will produce the effect of "black-out" such as that used by Jeffrey Dahmer to incapacitate his victims.  Does that get your attention?  It's vital that it does because, as Soacor says, "Once in, you are OUT!" 

One can read such things as "protect yourself," "use the buddy system," "watch your drink,"  "watch who pours your drink," "don't leave the drink unattended" and the like but without knowing your surroundings and who has access to these drugs, nothing is safe. It cannot be stressed enough that this is not like some minor crime -- with roofies, there is no backup!  Once in, you are OUT!

Knowledge helps.  Although some say that "knowing about it won't save you" -- having the knowledge of what to look for may just do that.  The youth today must become aware that these drugs are DEADLY, or at the minimum, dangerous.  They must ask themselves constantly, "Was my drink spiked?"  Or "Was the pill a Rohypnol or a derivative?"  One survivor was out before three minutes were up.  It can be just that fast.

Size doesn’t count.  As numerous reports confirm, only a small amount of the drug could put you into black-out. 

If drink-spiking has happened to you, there is no other way to go but down.  That puts you, your purse, your car, your apartment and every one you know at the mercy of your assailant.  It also puts you at the mercy of those professionals, if called, and the precise chemicals in your drink along with the anti-opiates administered by the professionals.  Seven to twelve hours is plenty of time to drive to your residence, take and do what he wants.  It allows him/her access to your address book (your relative’s names, the location of your work) so that he/she can come back and watch that you don’t talk to authorities.  It could allow him/her access to you for more drink-spiking assaults as was reported from New Zealand.  This is a serious problem.  It is not one to be taken lightly.  (See

The crime comes from those criminals who do the drink-spiking, not the drug that allows the crime.  The drug can have all of the law attached to it but it is the drink-spiker who is the criminal.  Once the drug has been put into a drink, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to prove a crime has taken place.

Roofies is only part of the problem.  It only facilitates the crime.  What is needed is help for the Innocent victim.  Why is it that we blame a pill for the perpetrator's crime?  Is it because the pill facilitates a focal point with which to target our anger?  Is it because the pill can easily be found and apprehended?  Is it because the pill is something to blame? 

Just remember, size doesn’t count. "It was such a small pill, so innocent looking, and I only took half of it."  It is true that this small, and very innocent looking pill could put a person into black-out for 12 hours or even cause death.  It's not just the knowledge about the drug that is vital --  you also need to know who has it in their possession or has access to these drugs.

To protect oneself, then, the most vital information is to know if those around you can access the drug or drugs under the umbrella term "roofies".  Obviously, if they can access the drug, they can also become drink-spikers.  See "In Memory Of" .  He participated in many rave parties and didn't use GHB but he lived in a house where GHB was made.  He thought he was perfectly safe until one night he drank what he thought was water and died.  Although he was with friends, and knew of their involvement - one slip as to which container to drink from and this young man is lost forever.

Some Police will white wash the roofie attack.  The official Police Report in one case, white washes the entire incident as a Welfare and Institutions Code 5150, claiming the victim crazy and taken to the hospital for observation. This was done, we believe, to keep the crime statistics of the tourist town low, thus enhancing tourist trade. No arrests will be made.  The criminals are free to continue drink-spiking other tourists who are easy prey due to their media hype of low crime statistics.  See Welfare and Institutions Code 5150.

Thank you again for being a part of the One/s in SOACOR.  Help spread the word of these dangerous crimes committed under the umbrella of a roofies spiked-drink by simply sending the new Soacor Cybercards rather than an e-mail during this Days Of Silence.   Click here. Use the SOACOR drink covers, it is a simple download and print.  They are provided free.  Download drink covers.

Above all, be safe - -  If you turned your head on an open drink - buy another.  If someone waved a hand over your drink - buy another.  If you walked away from your drink - buy another.  Whatever the cost - it is safer than to take that sip.  Know who you are with.  Ask yourself, "Could they be a drink-spiker?"  Use the buddy system.  Always remember, once in - You ARE OuT! 


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