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written by Jeremy Smithe
for Soacor, the Woman

SILENCEd first by the drug or like-drug of Rohypnol (a small pill); then SILENCEd by the Police’s application for a WIC 5150 Welfare hold, (this down grades crime - keeps statistics looking good for that city) deeming the victim as a ‘crazy’ SILENCEd by a paramedic who did a "hand-drop" test. (A test typically used with alcohol intoxication to judge if the individual is faking or not.) Ignoring the fact that the seizures she was having were textbook adverse side effects of the drug Narcan which had been administered only two minutes before onset.  SILENCEd again by an Emergency Room Specialist who did not gather evidence.

SILENCEd by the rape counselor who was more concerned with her appointment book than the hysterical victim sitting in front of her. UNHEARD by the Psychiatrist who attempted to conduct his counseling session in the hallway and a prescribe Prozak; SILENCEd by attorneys and women’s groups alike whose belief is that if 'there’s no memory, there is no damage'; and  SILENCEd by the Committee for Victims of Crimes when they denied benefits due to the WIC5150 and no evidence. Due to the current structure, there are no funds to pay for the medical treatment nor corrective surgery.

It was under involuntary silence sue to post traumatic stress that on the first anniversary of the assault, she became "SOAR/R" (Silent One Against Roofies/Rape mutilation) and handed out brochures, letters, drink covers and cards -- it was her way of telling others why she was silent. She remained silent for the 15 days it had taken her to regain her physical stamina that year of the assault.

She found compassion, support, understanding from strangers. She found that few knew about roofies. Those that had heard about them had not thought them to be used in drink-spike assaults. In 1998 others joined her in silence -- the group followed in her footsteps and many remained silent for one hour a day for the 15 days. They handed out brochures educating others of the dangerous drugs. Later, she changed the acronym to "SOACOR" (Silent One Against Crimes Of Roofies). Soon thereafter, the website came into existence. In 2001, SOACOR Foundation, a non-profit organization was established.

"After the attack, the silent screams rang out. Not only was my consciousness taken, my voice was silenced at the time of the attack but I have become silenced in attempting to find the truth. No one can know how truly voiceless this is until a roofie drink-spike attack. " (Source:  Soacor, the woman in April 1997.)

Until professionals gather more data and are prepared to identify an individual under the influence of these drugs, know the variations of roofies, can identify ruffie induced convulsions, understand that just because an individual is under the influence does not mean that they are criminals. Until then, then the victim will remain silenced. (See Size Doesn't Count.)

Just visiting this site makes you that much more aware of this drug. That knowledge alone could save your life or the life of your loved one.

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