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This website has remained in existence in one form or another for seven years.  Its existence has created in me a fight that simply will not die.  I watched as several laws came into existence created for the safety of our daughters and sons.  The law that touches my heart is little Samatha Reid.  She was offered a drink of Mountain Dew, spiked with GHB.  When she commented on its salty taste, she was rebuffed.  After all, it was just Mountain Dew.  When she went into convulsions, the boys put her into the bathroom and cleaned the rug.  Something that one does with a naughty dog or cat.  The boys felt it more important to care for the soiled rug than to care for a very sick girl gives me goose bumps.  She died.  Her mother has a website in her name.  There is also the [] passed in [].  She should never have died. 

We have the [] in Los Angeles who may have been drink-spiked with GHB also.  Her fatal flaw may have been the simple act of running out of gas and locking her doors while she waited in her car for her friends to arrive.  Her friends came but were unsuccessful at opening the doors and they called 911.  When the police arrived, they pulled the friends from the car and put [] bullets into it.  Later they claimed the unconscious woman inside was holding a gun.

One young man who only wanted to dance away the night took too many tabs (Ecstacy) and fell down onto the dance floor.  The others at the rave merely shoved his body to the side so they could continue to dance.  His bride-to-be was waiting for him at her home. 

My family feel that I am out-of-line with this website.  I say, "Look around.  It isn't just me.  I am only one of many who have been drink-spiked and treated like a criminal.  I am only one whose record has been tarnished with a WIC5150 application.  I am only one.  Those who assaulted me are running free to do this over and over again.  We must ask why that is.  Is it because the police have no proof?  That's part of it but I believe there is something else as well.  We have so many of these crimes that it is easier to white wash them and take on only those crimes that can be easily proven or that have been solved and the only act needed is to walk in and pick up the criminal while the cameras run."

But then the act itself is so heinous that to then be chastised, ridiculed and humiliated further if not by the court system, then the media, is too much for most people.  After all, look how many years have men kept quiet before they joined forces and came forward about the priests.  

I believe that the best way to deal with this problem is first to return to the victim that self-pride, that reputation, that honor lost to degradation on the event of the assault.   I believe all victims should be viewed as Innocent.  Once each individual has regained or is allowed to continue maintaining their own dignities, then we can talk about being taken seriously when we complain to the police, adult, family member or others for help against these heinous acts purpetrated upon us.  

This website is my way of giving something positive back into society from a very heinous happening.  I'm wishing you, the reader, well and am sending support in whatever endeavor is yours.

the Woman

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