Health Insurance at a Glance

Health is undoubtedly the greatest wealth to individuals but sometimes people bypass health issues in today’s hectic life schedule.

With globalization when this oval shaped planet earth turned into the flat world and territorial boundaries diminishes,Health Insurance at a Glance Articles the present generation came across with the number of ailments and disorders. Everyone, right from the newly born baby, young and elderly people are prone to various diseases, for which the treatment cost may be hundred thousand dollars or even higher. Thus, it is highly advisable to invest in health insurance plans that would help you in paying for medical expenses.

According to sources the US health care system relies heavily on private and not-for-profit health insurance, which is the primary source of coverage for most Americans. A report of the United States Census Bureau, approximately 85% of Americans have health insurance; nearly 60% obtain it through an employer, while about 9% purchase it directly. Therefore ambetter health, a considerable section of the US population is still not serious about this graver issue.

The global meltdown and recessionary trend had made the situation graver as many workers were unable to pay their premium. According to reports Over 1 million workers lost their health care coverage in January, February and March of 2009. Approximately, 268,400 more workers lost health care coverage in March 2009 than in March 2008.

But now with recovering economy, economists and policy makers are optimistic about the future and feel that people again started investing in health care programs.

Healthcare reforms will have many benefits offered to individuals, families, groups, businesses, senior citizens, and students. There are many rules and regulations imposed on the insurers to make health insurance more affordable for the consumers. The idea behind healthcare reforms is to provide affordable health insurance to everyone—it seems, as the time passes, it will achieve its objective.