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The gaming headlines in 2020 have so far been dominated by the ding-dong battle between the next-gen console heavyweights: Xbox Series X and the PS5. The PC is still,Check out the 10 most hotly anticipated PC games of 2020 Articles however, a gaming powerhouse in its own right. Customisable, cost-effective and depending on your budget, easily more powerful than a console. PC games are definitely here to stay.

So we thought it was about time we shed light on 10 of the most hotly anticipated PC games due to come out this year. From the cute and cuddly, all the way to the downright cold-blooded, it’s one hell of a list.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom-Rehydrated

One for the kiddies and adults alike, this SpongeBob game takes the form of a classic-looking 3D platformer (if you’re old enough to have experienced Super Mario 64, this’ll be your jam). With multiplayer action on offer as well, it promises to fun for the whole family.
Mafia: Definitive Edition

If action-adventures are your thing—with a healthy serving of murky underworld atmosphere—Mafia: Definitive Edition will be a go-to. This remake of the original classic will make the most of a PC’s beefed-up graphics 토토 사이트 구인 card and by the looks of this ever-so-brief teaser, it’s sure to be a winner when its August publishing date rolls around.

Disintegration will have you blasting your way right out of the apocalypse. In this epic-looking FPS, you’ll need to jump behind the wheel of a tech-heav