Chile Travel: Exploring Easter Island on Your Chile Vacation

Chile is a country of diverse landscapes from exploring Atacama to Patagonia you are sure to be inspired. If you are looking for a way to take your Chile travel itinerary to the next level add a trip to Easter Island. The perfect complement to any Chile vacation,Guest Posting adding Easter Island to your itinerary is sure to be an unforgettable Chile experience.

Including an Easter Island tour to your Chile travel is easy. Though there are several Chile destinations you can visit you are sure to make a stop in Santiago, giving you the perfect opportunity to depart for Easter Island. Multiple flights depart from the country’s capital to Easter Island weekly and provide travelers a chance to explore off the coast of Chile.

There are a variety of reasons to add Komodo Island Scuba diving Easter Island to your Chile travel plan. For starters Easter Island is rich in history and culture but beyond that it is absolutely stunning. Some of the most spectacular scenery can be found on the island and is sure to be the highlight of your Chile travel. Check out this easy way to add an Easter Island tour to your itinerary.

If you are starting your trip in Santiago, spend a few days exploring the sights of this bustling city. A trip up Santa Lucia Hill will allow you to have stunning views of the city from above. Depending on your tastes you can visit one of the city’s many museums or walk the city’s streets and mingle with the locals. If you have time add a day or two in the nearby Vina del Mar and enjoy the relaxing beach atmosphere.

Even if you are passing through Santiago after a Patagonia tour or trip to the Atacama, be sure to enjoy the sights of Santiago for a few days. After your time in the city catch your flight to Easter Island some 2,300 miles off Chile’s shores. Here you can indulge in a cultural exploration, by wandering the hillsides of the island which are dotted with many stone statues called moai. As the main draw to the island, these statues can be found on the hills, in caves, and lining the shores of the island, however their original purpose remains unknown. These mysterious statues help to create unique and beautiful scenery for travelers from around the world to enjoy.